Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:

Transcribe Meetings In An Instant
With The New Dev-Audio Microcone

If there's anything worse than attending a long, boring meeting, it has to be transcribing it from an audio recording. Now this can be done instantly thanks to the new Australia-based Dev-Audio Microcone. This device is a multi-directional, intelligent desktop microphone that works with Windows or your Mac. Just plug it into any available USB port and it will not only record the conversation, but it can also discern the voices of six different people.

Its Microcone Recorder software records the conversations on individual tracks and automatically reduces the background noise. An accompanying smartphone app allows users to tag parts of the conversation for easy reference later. Microcone Recorder also includes integration with Dragon Speech-to-Text Conversion web-service (pay-per-use feature), to automatically annotate your meetings at the click of a button.