Employee Spotlight

Troy Rubert
Senior Engineer


L-R Top Row: Caleb (son) and Troy
Front Row: Hope Ashley (daughter-in-law), Lori (wife), and
Mackenzie (daughter)

Troy Rubert started working for Nashville Computer, Inc. in 2006. “When I started with NCI we were a reactive support company,” says Rubert. “Since then, we have changed our business support model to become proactive. This is better for our customers and reduces stress on us engineers who our customers rely on to keep their companies up and running. It’s a win for everybody involved.”

When asked what he likes about his job, Troy says, “I like my work family. Some of us have worked together since before I came to NCI, over 8 years ago. I feel like I get to come to work with the greatest technology team in the world.”

When not at Nashville Computer, Troy is a family man and photographer. A recent photo shoot took him to the 55th class reunion of the Columbia Central High School Class of 1959. He said it was very interesting hearing stories of how high school was in the 1950s. You can check out some of Troy’s photography work at: www.TroyRubertPhotography.com .

Troy has two children, Mackenzie and Caleb. His son, Caleb, is a tank commander in the Army Alpha 2-5 Cavalry (Alpha Company Assassins) stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas. Caleb was married this year and Troy thinks his, “new daughter-in-law Hope Ashley Rubert is a wonderful young lady that happens to be just a bit tinier than my beautiful bride of 23 years, Lori.” They are all counting the days until the newlyweds can get out of the military and come home to start their new life together in Tennessee.

His daughter, Mackenzie is a junior at Columbia Academy High School.  She has won numerous ribbons for her horse riding abilities and would like to someday be a veterinarian.

As a parent with two grown children, Troy would like to tell young parents, “to cherish each moment you have with the little ones because one day you will be in my boots wishing you could turn back time.”

Since it is Thanksgiving this month, we asked Troy what he was thankful for. To which he replied, “I am thankful for my family both at home and at work. The lord has blessed me for the 46 years I have been on this earth and I hope to hang around this old world that many more.”