Nashville Computer’s New Tool Monitors the Dark Web for Your Compromised Security Information

We, here at Nashville Computer, are constantly looking for tools to keep our clients’ data secure. With Cyber Crime at an all-time high, we now offer a service that will monitor the “Dark Web” on your behalf. Let me explain...

The “Dark Web,” is a part of the Internet most people will never see, where cyber criminals buy and sell your compromised PII (personally identifiable information). This allows them to steal your identity, your bank accounts, credit cards, client information, HR info., etc.

How does it work? Simply put, most online programs and apps, require you to create a login using your email and password. These can be anything from logging into your email and business applications to shopping or banking web-sites. If at some point one of those sites is hacked, such as, was in 2013, your login information is compromised and can be sold on the Dark Web. If you use that same login information for other sites, like most people do, the cyber criminals now have access to those as well.

Think carefully. What’s your favorite password? Do you use the same login information for Outlook or Gmail as you do for your CRM, QuickBooks or your bank account? If one of those accounts gets hacked, it will allow cyber criminals entry into all of your accounts in which you use the same login. That could also reveal all of your contacts within those accounts like clients, patients, employees or even friends and family members.

Our new tool monitors millions of sources within the Dark Web and alerts us if your domain information appears. This is not a guarantee that we can get the information before criminals do. But, when we get an alert, we can help you take steps to change that login or close those accounts so that your compromised information cannot be used to harm you or your business.

If you are interested in this new service, please give Scott Thorsen a call at 615-497-8144. He can tell you more about it and help you decide if this service is right for you and your business.

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