It Was The Most Painless Process Ever…

It Was The Most Painless Process Ever…

"We recently had a new server and firewall set up and installed by Nashville Computer. It was the most painless process ever.

PCA has suffered through two painful server installations and each time our company had many issues dealing with our domain, local computer issues connecting to the domain, drives being mapped incorrectly, lost files, no internet for days while they were trying to figure out a firewall they recommended and installed, but had no experience setting up.

We cringed knowing our server and firewall were due for replacement soon, but Troy (Nashville Computer Engineer) was reassuring prior to the installation saying he would make it smooth and painless.

His statement proved correct as it was the smoothest changeover I and the office ever experienced. The firewall worked as it should and the connection from the new server to our local machines was seamless. His experience and comforting attitude put our employees at ease. He made everything simple and his knowledge of explaining the whole process to me during the installation was unmatched."

IT Director
Power Consulting Associates, LLC