Dawn Friton

I Rely On Them For Everything

We have been with Nashville Computer for over 15 years. They are quick to respond and provide excellent customer service. They always help me with what I need and then ask if there is anything else. They bring IT and computer issues to my attention that I hadn't thought about. That is wonderful because I function as the firm's IT person, but I rely on them for everything.

We are presently on their HaaS (Hardware as a Service) plan. That means that Nashville Computer purchases all of our computer equipment, maintains it and includes Help Desk for our employees. We tried to rotate our 45 computers every 3 years. Having Nashville Computer in charge of purchasing all of that new equipment freed me up from being overwhelmed with all that has to be done. When they said "I will come in and take that from you" I was like, "Hallelujah!"

Being on HaaS with them, has also been especially fantastic for me, because now if one of our staff has a computer problem, or needs something IT - related, I don't have to deal with that anymore. We just email Nashville Computer, and it's wonderful!

Office Manager
Faulker, Mackie & Cochran, PC