Kerry Couch

Kerry Couch


Kerry Couch retires!

Learn more about the man that started it all!


When he started the company, he worked nights to pay the bills at Roadway Freight loading and unloading trucks. As the President of NCI, his job is to oversee all aspects of the company. The three words he would use to describe Nashville Computer are teamwork, trustworthy and valuable partner (yes, that's four words, but since he’s the boss well let it slide). He says the thing he likes best about NCI is, watching our employees work together as a team and observing how they enjoy each other and laugh at company meetings. Also, listening to success stories about how our team helped our clients.


Originally from East TN, he now lives on a small farm in Columbia, TN with his lovely wife, Lisa. He and Lisa are college sweethearts, and together they have a son, daughter, son-in-law and September 2019 they welcomed their first grandson. On the farm, they have a few dogs and cats and a herd of cattle. Outside of the office Kerry enjoys working on the farm, being involved at church, traveling, riding motorcycles, volunteering and taking the yearly medical mission trip to Peru. His favorite vacation with Lisa is a close call between Hawaii and Alaska. He recently took a trip of a lifetime to Israel with his brother. However, he always looks forward to coming back home.


Fun fact in college he was a paid extra in Walking Tall Part III. He still has a copy of his check from Bing Crosby Productions! The best advice he received from his father was to find a career and company that you love and you will enjoy going to work and rise to the top. The best advice he received from his mother was to find a good Christian wife who can laugh and you will have much joy and happiness (he says and I did). We, as a company, could not ask for a better President, and are grateful to Kerry for his generosity and kindness.