Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:


Surface Studio:
All Beauty, A Little Brains

“We want to move from people needing Windows…to loving Windows.”

So said CEO Satya Nadella after taking over Microsoft. And their new Surface Studio takes a bold step in that direction.

In a bid to win over creative types, they designed the Studio with a gorgeous desktop screen that easily glides from vertical to almost horizontal, like an artist’s sketchpad. With its Apple Computer-like brushed aluminum finish and ultra-thin screen, it’s feels right at home in an open-plan office.

The guts of the machine are stuffed into a nine-inch-long base that’s joined to the screen with an überslick hinge design, allowing it to fold nearly flat for stylus- or touch-driven design work.

Downsides? Well, you’ll pay at least $3,000. And it’s a bit underpowered to be in that price range. But all in all, even the graphically challenged will find this machine tantalizing.

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