Shiny New Gadget
Of The Month:

The iPhone/iPad
Pocket Projector

Now you can share the latest YouTube sensation, share that adorable video of kitty doing her tricks or watch a movie on the big screen, all from your phone. With the iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector, your iPhone’s screen can project an image reaching up to 85 inches diagonally and from as far as 10 feet away. It’s simple, easy to use and super quick to set up this mini-device.

The projector weighs less than 5 oz. and is smaller than a smartphone. The iPhone/iPad Pocket Projector can turn your ceiling, tent, blank wall or even the side of your house into a movie theater. The projector’s 640 x 480 pixel resolution ensures a nice picture, and a manual focus wheel enables you to “dial up” sharpness and clarity. (The sound still comes from your iPhone speaker, so for the best quality, you may want to invest in some new speakers to stream the audio.)

A free app enables you to magnify or rotate images and project everything from videos to a four-hour search for the perfect shoes. The internal battery provides two hours of projection and recharges via USB with the included cable. This device is compatible with most iPhones/iPads, except the iPhone 5, the new iPad with Retina Display and the iPad Mini. Get one today at