Our Clients

"I have a great deal of peace of mind now"

Crievehall Church of Christ

Desiree Simmons

There Will Be No List Of Names, Only Nashville Computer!!!!!!

I just wanted to take a few moments and express to you some thoughts. Your team has been outstanding! What an amazing team of intelligent, patient, dedicated group of engineers you have.... I cannot say enough about Troy what a champion among engineers! These guys have made the transition all I hoped for and more. It is hard to believe a company of your size puts the Cisco's and Presidios to shame!!! As you know I am very well attached literally to the tech world and if any company I ever touch through my dealings ever needs any tech needs there will be no list of names, only Nashville Computers!!!!!!

The best feeling of all is that it doesn't feel like some sterile job being done, I feel like I have a family helping to make our business all it can be....again just a small note to just say Thank you and praise your team!

HR and Marketing Manager
Carpet Den Interiors

NCI Rolls Up Their Sleeves

NCI Rolls Up Their Sleeves

We all know we should focus on our mission and core values. We should devote our time and energy on building our business and delivering on our business commitments. The reality is small business often dictates that leadership and individual contributors wear many hats and juggle many mission critical activities on a daily basis. In most business situations focusing on the things that matter assumes and often takes for granted a stable technology platform and operating environment. If you do not have the right partner keeping your technology infrastructure on solid ground as well as educating and protecting you from the ever growing threats in the cyber world we work in, you can be assured your focus and energy will be on surviving the problems.

Our firm has worked with Nashville Computer for many years. At one point in the past our firm moved away from Nashville Computer to a larger company offering a long list of IT managed services, network and communications. This proved to be a mistake. We need a partner that goes beyond PowerPoint presentations and marketing promises. NCI rolls up their sleeves and helps us keep our people and platforms operating and focusing delivering on our commitments.

Director of Operations
Innovative Financial Group

Disaster Avoided

Disaster Avoided

Some of the attorneys in our office recently found that several of the files we had been working on were missing. We will probably never know why those files were lost, whether it was human error or some type of computer glitch. Recreating the files would take hours and would not only be costly, but would leave room for errors. We called Nashville Computer to see what could be done. Because we have a BDR that backs up our files every fifteen minutes, they were able to restore those files from the previous back-up with minimal loss. It was not even an hour before we were working again, disaster avoided. Nashville Computer saves us time and frustration by keeping us up to date with the best IT solutions.

Office Manager (retired)
Buerger, Moseley & Carson PLC

Never Attempted To Sell Us Something We Did Not Need

Never Attempted To Sell Us Something We Did Not Need

Nashville Computer is one of the best companies to work with. I have worked for two different companies and both companies have used Nashville Computer. Their expertise in technology and networking is outstanding. Also, whenever we have encountered a problem, they have given us great service in having it resolved as quickly as possible. I have worked with several different technicians, and they are always kind and courteous. We have purchased all of our computers and hardware from them and have never felt that they attempted to sell us anything we did not need. We have always valued their recommendations.

La Hacienda Tortilleria, Inc.

It Was The Most Painless Process Ever…

It Was The Most Painless Process Ever…

"We recently had a new server and firewall set up and installed by Nashville Computer. It was the most painless process ever.

PCA has suffered through two painful server installations and each time our company had many issues dealing with our domain, local computer issues connecting to the domain, drives being mapped incorrectly, lost files, no internet for days while they were trying to figure out a firewall they recommended and installed, but had no experience setting up.

We cringed knowing our server and firewall were due for replacement soon, but Troy (Nashville Computer Engineer) was reassuring prior to the installation saying he would make it smooth and painless.

His statement proved correct as it was the smoothest changeover I and the office ever experienced. The firewall worked as it should and the connection from the new server to our local machines was seamless. His experience and comforting attitude put our employees at ease. He made everything simple and his knowledge of explaining the whole process to me during the installation was unmatched."

IT Director
Power Consulting Associates, LLC



When I began working in my current position, I knew ‘something’ about computers, but NOTHING about servers or networking. Nashville Computer has taken all the stress out of keeping our system up and running. I call them whenever we have a problem, and they are here quickly to take care of it. When I have a question about what we should do when we need to expand or upgrade, they have the answers. I’ve learned a lot from them, but I’m very glad they have the answers we need whenever we have a problem or questions.

Crieve Hall Church of Christ

Felix Eckhardt

Our Systems Do Not Crash

Nashville Computer meets all of our IT Management and changing Technology needs. We are a small Company and we have to be fast on our feet. Nashville Computer not only keeps up with us, but our systems do not crash. We cannot afford "down time". Nashville Computer keeps us in the game!

Owner/ Consultant
Whitehardt, Inc.

Competitive Pricing and Friendliness

I’ve used Nashville Computer for Business and personal needs for years and have always been impressed with their competitive pricing and the friendliness of their staff…would highly recommend.

Real World Tours

"I have no intention of ever changing"

Uselton, Clay & Bright, PC

NCI staff is always competent and reliable

NCI staff is always competent and reliable

IT is the least of my business concerns because I depend on the experts at Nashville Computer to keep our mission-critical systems running; whatever our issue, NCI staff is always competent and reliable. I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Office Manager
Oakley Construction

Brian Justice

...Now I just feel like they're one of our staff.

We've been with Nashville Computer since the '90s and felt very comfortable with them since day 1. At the time, our church was growing too fast for our volunteer team to keep up with our IT. We knew we needed outside help. Now I just feel like they're one of our staff.

I love their Managed Services because I would much rather spend more time on preventive maintenance and try to stay away from breakdowns and downtime. With the way they monitor our systems from their office, they know if there is as problem before we do. They will call us and say, "Hey, we're seeing your server having some issues. We need to jump on it real quick and make sure what's going on." I never have to worry about it myself.

Their response time is great and their care has just been impeccable. So I can't say enough good about Nashville Computer. They've been great.

Business Administrator
Harpeth Heights Baptist Church

Their Unit Cost Approach Is Also Refreshing

Their Unit Cost Approach Is Also Refreshing

Our experience with Nashville Computer has been positive in every way. They bring knowledge and experience to the table coupled with helpfulness, responsiveness and commitment.

Their unit cost approach is also refreshing in that it is completely predictable and consistent. There are no hidden charges. Our hearty recommendation of Nashville Computer is unqualified and resounding.

American Geothermal, Inc.

“Maintenance For Us Is Effortless”

“Maintenance For Us Is Effortless”

“Our relationship with Nashville Computer has always been “painless.” Even when everything was new, working with Nashville Computer was painless. Whenever we have questions, Nashville Computer is quick to answer our phone calls. We feel very safe, knowing Nashville Computer is keeping us compliant and protected from viruses.

Troy has been such a blessing to us. He understands our systems so well, that maintenance for us is effortless.

I am also impressed with Nashville Computer’s rates of service in both quality and price. As long as All Access Coach keeps expanding, we will depend on Nashville Computer to keep us safe and help us grow.”

President and Co-owner
All Access Coach Leasing, LLC

Nashville Computer Understands the Technology Challenges

Nashville Computer Understands the Technology Challenges

Nashville Computer understands the technology challenges of a small firm and has been prompt to respond to my service needs. With today’s restricted technology budgets, and time constraints on Managerial staff, their knowledge and experience is a cost effective solution to IT Management.

Firm Administrator (retired)
Parker, Lawrence, Cantrell & Smith

Attention To Their Customers Is Company Wide

Attention To Their Customers Is Company Wide

Our association with Nashville Computer spans many years. They have always provided us with superior customer service. The attention they give the customer is outstanding company wide. Their vast knowledge of the computer and IT business is paramount in the expertise they bring to the table. We are very fortunate to know and trust them with our needs.

American Home Design

Myriam Bagwell

Nashville Computer Is Still The Best Option

My favorite thing about Hardware as Service (HaaS) is that there can be consistency within the practice. All computers will be the same and when one breaks, I can just call another one will appear. This makes it easier and much less complicated when cash flow fluctuates, especially at the beginning of the year. I don't have to budget for a server or new equipment.

We have been using Nashville Computer for over twenty years. Every renewal time we explore the IT market to see if we are choosing the best provider for our IT services, and each time we come tot he same conclusion, Nashville Computer is still the best option year after year! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an IT partner.

Practice Administrator
Endocrinology Diabetes Associates

Dawn Friton

I Rely On Them For Everything

We have been with Nashville Computer for over 15 years. They are quick to respond and provide excellent customer service. They always help me with what I need and then ask if there is anything else. They bring IT and computer issues to my attention that I hadn't thought about. That is wonderful because I function as the firm's IT person, but I rely on them for everything.

We are presently on their HaaS (Hardware as a Service) plan. That means that Nashville Computer purchases all of our computer equipment, maintains it and includes Help Desk for our employees. We tried to rotate our 45 computers every 3 years. Having Nashville Computer in charge of purchasing all of that new equipment freed me up from being overwhelmed with all that has to be done. When they said "I will come in and take that from you" I was like, "Hallelujah!"

Being on HaaS with them, has also been especially fantastic for me, because now if one of our staff has a computer problem, or needs something IT - related, I don't have to deal with that anymore. We just email Nashville Computer, and it's wonderful!

Office Manager
Faulker, Mackie & Cochran, PC

Personalized Service

We have been using Nashville Computer for several years. They have provided us outstanding service. Our Technician, Josh, has always given us very personalized service. We also appreciate the vast knowledge from all of the other service technicians when he hasn’t been available. They are always pleasant and courteous. We hope to continue to build our company with their technical expertise and support.

Hydroflo Pumps USA, Inc.