October Tech Savvy

(Synopses of interesting articles from major publications to
bring you up to speed in business and the latest technology.)

Savvy users are capitalizing on the LinkedIn–Microsoft merger. Here are three ways you too can profit:

  1. Your profile photo now appears on both platforms. Run it by photofeeler.com to make sure it’s up to snuff.
  2. When it comes to updates, forget text – video rules. Check your newsfeed and you’ll see how LinkedIn puts video on top and is burying articles. No wonder members have seen a 60% to 90% drop in readership. To get attention, go video.
  3. Keep an eye on LinkedIn’s social advertising. With access to user data from both platforms, your ads could now enjoy a wider audience of both LinkedIn and Microsoft users. This merger opens new doors for users. Now’s the time to capitalize on it. Entrepreneur, 07.28.16

Want to know the secret to beating ransomware? If there’s one pop-up you NEVER want to see on your computer screen, it’s this: “Your files have been encrypted. You have 72 hours to submit payment or they will be deleted forever.” Once ransomware hits, it’s too late. Game over. The best way to beat ransomware is prevention. Make sure it never happens in the first place. And if somehow it happens anyway, make sure you have up-to-date backups ready to go. The first step to prevention is to invest in serious cybersecurity. Start with antivirus software with active monitoring. Then, layer in anti-malware and anti-ransomware programs. Finally, store current backups in the cloud and/or on a separate unplugged hard drive. blog.malwarebytes.com, 03.11.16

A wafer-thin laptop so light you’ll forget it’s in your briefcase… Want an ultrasleek machine with enough battery life to keep you going long hours without plugging in? A new breed of “ultraportables” offers that and more. The lightning-quick storage on these units lets you resume work in seconds, even after they’ve been idle or asleep for days. The “best in breed” will cost you a pretty penny. But if you’re willing to spend a little, you can get premium features. Touch screens, full HDMI ports and eight hours or more of battery life are not uncommon. At the top end, you can expect a high-resolution 4K screen (3840 x 2160). Be extra-nice and Santa might even slip one in your stocking! PCmag.com, 07.15.16

Considering Facebook Live Video for your business? Using Facebook Live is brain-dead simple. If you haven’t already, install the Facebook app on your smartphone. Open it up, tap the red “Go Live” icon and you’re on. It tells you how many are watching, plus their names and comments. When you’re done, it saves to your Timeline. And, unlike Snapchat or Periscope, it doesn’t disappear after just 24 hours. You can share, embed, Tweet – or delete – to your heart’s content. And you can filter who sees it. As for content? Interview key employees, big shots in your niche or your customers. Share how you’re making a new product. Or how your team relaxes. Why do it? Your customers love getting that little peek “behind the scenes.” PostPlanner.com