Nashville Computer Introduces
Justin Lipscomb New Account Manager

There have been some recent changes at Nashville Computer. Our Account Manager, Richard McClellan has moved on to a new job and Justin Lipscomb has been hired to take his place

Justin was formerly an Account Manager for Dell and has had a lot of experience with technology and taking good care of customers. He is a very good listener and excited to get to know each of our customers well, so he can become their trusted partner.

As Account Manager, Justin will be in charge of ensuring our clients have all of the equipment and level of services they need. He will be the “go-to” person to help resolve any concerns that customers may have about any of their IT work at any time. If you as a customer ever feel that your IT needs are not being met you may call Justin directly at 615-425-4780 or email him at [email protected]. Please Note: He would also like to receive calls or emails about how happy customers are with their service. : )

At home he is a real family man. Being husband and father of two cute little girls, doesn’t leave much time for golf, Justin’s favorite sport. But someday he hopes to be able to teach his daughters how to play, so they can enjoy the game as much as he does.