Employee Spotlight

Neil Brown

When you call Nashville Computer and detect a beautiful accent in the voice of your help desk engineer, you are probably talking to one of the latest additions to our team, Neil Brown.

Neil was born in England, but soon moved to New Zealand where his father was a chemist working in the agricultural industry. He grew up in a very small town where you could ride bicycles anywhere you needed to go, even to the beach with your friends.  It was in his church in this small town where he met his wife, who is from Nashville.  Through the years living in both Nashville and New Zealand, this couple has been blessed with four children.

Neil’s passion for computers began 25 years ago when he purchased his first Tandy PC. (Remember those?) He had this computer a very short time when he noticed an ad in the newspaper for a company needing someone to maintain their Tandy PC. They were an all MAC shop originally, but were branching out into PCs and needed help. His knowledge was limited at the time, but he possessed both the interest and talent, to land that job, and as they say, “the rest is history.” Today he is a very knowledgeable computer expert and a great addition to the Nashville Computer team.

Neil says his favorite part of IT work is solving a problem that seems to be unsolvable. Being a real “people person” he loves it when he is able to help someone in need. Making people happy is very satisfying to him.

In his spare time Neil likes to ride bicycles; road bikes, mountain bikes, anything that has two wheels and pedals. Sports photography is also one of his hobbies and you may see some of his work in the Cheatham County newspapers.

Neil and his wife are very excited that their youngest daughter is now attending college at Austin Peay State University and that their oldest daughter is due at any time to have their first grandchild.