Nashville Computer Celebrates 25 Years Of Service

Before Windows, Internet, iPads and flat screens there were heavy PC’s with 12 inch amber & black CRT screens, Microsoft DOS 2.0 operating systems, 64KB (not MB or GB) of RAM, 20MB hard drives, a floppy drive and no mouse, costing about $3000.00. That was in 1988, the year Kerry Couch started Information Software Sales (now Nashville Computer, Inc.).

For five years, Mr. Couch had been managing a retail clothing division for a Fortune 1000 company. In June 1988, the clothing division was sold and he was out of a job. To make matters worse, he and his wife Lisa found out that their newborn son needed heart surgery. Concern for his family and finding employment weighed heavily on his mind as they spent many hours at Vanderbilt Hospital. But through these trying times, the seeds of a new business were sown.

A good friend, Mike Yates had come to the hospital to lend support. While spending many hours in the hospital waiting room, a conversation turned to how “hot” personal computers were. They agreed that it was a business that had a lot of potential and after many excited discussions, Information Software Sales was formed on October 1, 1988.

The company began by selling accounting software in a shared space at a local accounting firm located in the Brentwood Koger Center (now Synergy Business Center). At that time, many clients wanted their computers and accounting software from the same source, so the company soon added hardware and computer networking to their list of services. This prompted changing the name of the company to Info Computer.

A growing number of employees necessitated moving to a new location within the Koger Center. It was at this time that long term employees came onboard including, Charles Henson in 1991, Kathy Proctor in 1993 and Richard McClellan in 1995. Charles now serves as Vice President of Operations, Kathy is the company bookkeeper and Richard is an IT Business Consultant.

The next few years brought many changes. In 1993, as the company continued to expand, Mr. Couch became the sole owner of the company. Business flourished in 1999 as the world readied itself for Y2K, but flattened out in 2000, when the “crisis” was averted. Several technology companies failed that year but Info Computer continued to grow and in 2003 moved their business to an even larger location at 277 Wilson Pike Circle in Brentwood.

Due to the growing presence and power of the Internet, the company was interested in having an easily recognizable name for people to search. They were able to obtain the domain and in 2005 the name of the company was officially changed to Nashville Computer, Inc.

Today the company has 17 employees and the future of Nashville Computer looks bright. The continued growth of technology has left small to medium sized businesses, who cannot cost justify an internal IT department, struggling to keep up. Nashville Computer’s full list of IT solutions and services solve that problem. With their team of experts handling technology, clients are able to forget about computer hassles and focus on their own business.

From just selling accounting software to becoming an entire IT department for hire, this company has come a long way. And by the way, Mr. Couch’s newborn son who had the heart surgery is now 25 years old and working for Nashville Computer. Happy 25th Anniversary Nashville Computer!

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