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Is Google siphoning off worker productivity?

Your employees may be doing work-related searches online. Or they may be checking out a hot new vacation package, or the next episode of their favorite TV show. It’s tempting to think of personal browsing on company time as stealing from the company. Yet cracking down can backfire on you. Instead, focus on personal work outcomes. If employees get all their work done on schedule in spite of wasting half the day, it may be time to add more duties to their job descriptions. On the other hand, if productivity is in the pits, a focus on discipline rather than policing minute-by-minute activities will likely yield a greater payoff.

You, an “In-box Zero” hero!

E-mail management tool SaneBox makes it easy to keep your e-mail under control. It looks at your e-mail history when you first set it up and then drops only important e-mails into your SaneBox. E-mails from addresses you don’t normally mail to go into the “SaneLater” folder. You can drag e-mails you never want to see again into the “SaneBlackHole.” SaneBox is supersmart and doesn’t need training, but if you see an e-mail in SaneLater that you wanted to see now, just drag it into your in-box, and SaneBox will remember. It works with web mail as well as accounts hosted on IMAP and Exchange servers. You can try it free for 14 days at

Wake up your web site with these 3 simple steps.

Does your company web site reflect its current success and position it for future growth? To be sure it does, do this: 1) Focus your main message on customer needs. The only thing visitors care about is what your company can do for them. Make that clear upfront and they’ll stay and engage. 2) Delete the self-praise and let your best customers speak for you with testimonials. 3) Create a single call to action. Don’t just let visitors wander around. Entice them to take action by offering a low-risk, high-value item, such as a free e-book, webinar, resource list, etc., in exchange for their contact information. Now you’ve got a web site that works!

The future is here, with 3-D video holographics.

Imagine summoning up a rotating image of the Death Star… Or, more practically, an attention-grabbing 3-D demo of your latest product… Or a striking 3-D video logo advertising your brand… London-based Kino-mo develops hi-tech smart visual displays. Their floating-in-the-air video holographics engage and fascinate prospects, increasing sales. These ultra-bright, eye-catching 3-D videos can also generate a high level of brand awareness. Until now, holograms have been extremely expensive and required time-consuming installations in a dedicated space. Kino-mo Holo Displays are the first to offer an affordable, “plug-and-play” holographic solution. And perhaps the perfect way to grab attention and boost your bottom line.