Shiny New Gadget Of The Month:

Leap Motion Controller

Just when you thought technology couldn’t make things any easier, they’ve gone and done it again! With a wave of a hand or lift of a finger, you’re about to use your computer in a whole new way. The Leap Motion Controller senses the way you naturally move your hands. So you can point, wave, reach and grab. Even pick something up and put it down. Just like in real life. It’s an amazing device for the things you do every day and for the things you never thought you could do.

  • Browse the web, read articles, flip through photos and play music just by lifting a finger.
  • Draw, paint and design with your fingertip. You can even use a real pencil or paintbrush.
  • Sculpt, mold, stretch and bend 3D objects. Take things apart and put them back together.
  • Pick, pluck, strum and drum. Play air guitar, air harp or air anything.
  • Slice fruit and shoot bad guys with your finger.

You literally hold all the power in your fingertips. This sensitive device provides superb accuracy up to 1/100th of a millimeter. Get yours today for just $79.99.