Kathy Proctor To Retire

After 22 Years

image1Congratulations go to Kathy Proctor on her retirement from Nashville Computer! Kathy began working for Nashville Computer August 23, 1993, when the company was still named InfoComputer . She will retire in May with 22 years of service. During her time here, she has seen the company grow from a staff of 5 people to a crew of 18.

Kathy leaves with mixed emotions. "It's been a great 22 years," she says. She has enjoyed the people she worked with here at Nashville Computer and she appreciates and will miss our customers. Through all of her years she feels like Kerry Couch (our owner) was the most supportive boss that anyone could have and will never forget his kindness.

Through her working years, Kathy has also watched a huge progress in technology. She said her first computer, when working for a trucking company, was the size of a desk, ran System 32 and had 7MB of RAM. At that time it took a whole room to house a server, there was no such thing as remote support and no one had to worry about cybercrime. How times have changed. "Accounting however, remains the same," she says, "the debits to the right and the credits to the left. That doesn't change."

In the future, Kathy is looking forward to growing flowers, crocheting afghans and playing with her great grandson. She will not be getting up at 5:00 a.m. anymore!

Congratulations again Kathy! Farewell, we'll miss you and we wish you the very best!