June Tech Savvy

Imagine just taking a pill to acquire a whole new skill set.

In The Matrix, Neo opens his eyes after being programmed and tells Morpheus, “I know kung fu.” According to futurist and world-renowned inventor Ray Kurzweil, conversations like that will actually take place within the next 20 years. By implanting blood-cell-sized, cloud-connected nano-robots into the brain, humans will be able to literally download any skill set or body of knowledge from the cloud. Sound far-fetched? Scientists are already helping Parkinson’s patients, using a pea-sized implant connected wirelessly to an outside computer. And Kurzweil has a 30-year track record of accurate predictions – including a little thing we now know as the World Wide Web.


Hootsuite, Buffer…or both?

Keeping in touch with new and current customers via social media can suck up your time. Social media apps Buffer and Hootsuite both aim to help you achieve more impact in less time. So which one is right for you? While Hootsuite offers a full-featured social media dashboard, Buffer focuses simply on prescheduling your content. When it comes to managing posts and tracking which ones perform best, Hootsuite is the way to go. Yet Buffer gives you more timing flexibility by allowing you to pick when your posts get published, regardless of when you add them to the queue. Choose either of these apps based on your posting and tracking needs – and consider using them both.


Which app best helps you take notes on the go – Google Keep or Evernote?

Google Keep runs faster with a cleaner mobile interface than Evernote. It also wins on consistent quality of search across devices. Where Evernote shines is in its ecosystem of third-party integrations that add cool features. And its Clipper extension makes it easy to save web pages from Android or iOS directly into Evernote. So which app is best for you? If you just want to make quick notes on the go and share them easily, go with Google Keep. Plus, it’s free. If you want a deep database of notes, lists and web content with lots of features, even if you have to pay for it, go with Evernote.


Facebook wants to help you blow up your business.

The Facebook Ad platform can work wonders when you apply these principles: 1) Have a strategy. Don’t make the mistake of diving in without knowing how the money you put in will actually pay off. 2) Remember “T-O-M”: TARGET the right audience with a great OFFER wrapped in a compelling MESSAGE. 3) Write great copy. Start with an engaging headline, keep your text simple and straight to the point. Make it easy to grasp and end with a clear call to action. Facebook ads give you access to the world’s largest audience – over 1.5 billion at last count… And one good ad could make a world of difference for your business.