July News Briefs

(Synopses of articles from publications to keep you updated on technology.)

Use This App To Pinpoint Dangerous Drivers.

The open road is full of jerks and road rages, and a new app is taking them on. Nexar asks you to mount your phone to your dashboard, and it will monitor surrounding traffic. If someone starts driving dangerously, it will ask if you want to record what’s going on with a 30-second video. The goal is to capture license plates of bad or hostile drivers. This is useful if you witness a crash or a criminal offense. According to trafficsafetystore.com, Nexar also uploads data to a central database. It will let you know if someone with a bad driving history enters the camera’s field of vision, helping you spot potential bad drivers. In the future, Nexar plans to use GPS to identify dangerous cars to the side and behind them, too. -Safety Resource Center, December 1, 2016

Where Have Tablet Sales Gone?

Remember when they said tablets would outsell desktop and laptop computers? That now seems a tad optimistic. In March, Techcrunch.com reported that tablet sales are going down. But why? It turns out that folks treat tablets like computers, meaning they don’t upgrade them nearly as often as smartphones. “The iPad 2 is still in use today,” IDC Senior Analyst Jitesh Ubrani tells TechCrunch. “The [original] iPad Minis and Air are all still in use today. They were being supported by Apple until very recently. People have been hanging onto these devices and they’re finding that they work just as well as they did when they were released.”. That’s bad news for the tablet giants, who are still releasing new versions of tablets at least once a year. In the future, don’t expect big releases or online unveilings for slates. -Techcrunch.com, March 21, 2017

Should You Have A Mobile App For Your Business?

One of the great things about apps is that you don’t need to be a big developer or company to build one. In fact, according to www.smallbusinesscomputing.com, 42 percent of small businesses in the United States have their own mobile app. By the end of the year, that figure is expected to hit 67 percent! Somewhat unsurprisingly, the most cited reason SMBs said they decided to build mobile apps is to increase sales (39 percent), followed by improving customers service (30 percent). Others turn to mobile apps as a competitive advantage in specific markets (22 percent) while for some organizations, their parent company suggested an app (10 percent). But with apps becoming more affordable than ever, there are lots of reasons to invest in your own app and lots of ways to recoup that investment. What would your ideal app do? -SmallBusinessComputing.com, March 09, 2017

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Airport Jacket – Cargo Jacket For Travel.

If you always find yourself forking out for excess baggage every time you take a flight, then an Aussiebased startup has come up with an ingenious solution that’ll have you confidently packing the kitchen sink for your next trip. The “Airport Jacket” is, for all intents and purposes, a wearable suitcase. With a whopping 14 pockets and two detachable pocket panels capable of taking up to 15 kgs. (about 33 lbs.) of stuff, your only concern will be ensuring your legs don’t give way as you stagger toward the check-in desk. The jacket, with all the stuff inside, can be quickly transformed into a small bag so you only need to put it on when you arrive at the airport. Once you’re through check-in and on the plane, you can fold it back up again before throwing it into one of the overhead bins. -Digital Trends, February 26, 2017

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