Charles Henson

Employee Spotlight
Jon Crigger

Support Engineer

All of our Managed Services clients can feel secure because Jon Crigger truly “has your back.” Jon works on the back end systems making sure everything is running smoothly. He monitors the antivirus portal to make sure all the workstations and servers are clean and takes care of any issues that may arise. He makes sure all backups are flowing correctly and that there is no loss of data. He is the member of our team working on monthly executive reports to make sure all clients are kept up to date and he performs any audits that are necessary. Our Managed Services clients can have peace of mind knowing that someone is behind the scenes looking out for their networks. That doesn’t mean that there will never be issues. But if there are, he will see them and have them addressed quickly.

Jon is very unique in that all of his work is done remotely. This allows him to work anywhere he has a secure Internet connection; so he can be in Tennessee or Texas, at home or in a cabin in the woods and still do his job. At any given time, day or night, he monitors the health of your network.

In his spare time, Jon loves traveling around and exploring/adventuring/hiking different areas in the US. Jon, says, “Moving away temporarily from Tennessee, really brought me a new perspective and showed me how much I love TN and how much there is to explore around the area that I grew up around. There are of course, other areas that I have my eyes on. The biggest ones include the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Northern California) and also British Columbia. And the dream of all dreams is to visit New Zealand.”