How To Use Your Client/Prospect E-mail List

To Significantly Improve Your Results With Facebook Ads

For many businesses, advertising on Facebook can be a big time and money suck. Even though Facebook is the #1 social media tool, it can be difficult to get a great ROI since you’re marketing to a wide range of prospects. The biggest problem is getting a qualified prospect to “Like” your company Facebook page so you can market to them…but who goes out and likes a potential vendor’s page? Nobody, that’s who! And if you market based on demographics, then you’re targeting a bunch of people who don’t know you on a platform where they’re not looking for your product or service in the first place. They are there for cat pictures and videos of their 2-year-old nephew. The answer that solves a big part of this dilemma…“Facebook Audiences.”

Facebook Audiences allows you to display your Facebook ads specifically to just about anyone that you have an e-mail address for, without them even knowing you are marketing to them this way. Plus, based on market testing, ads directed to a targeted “house list” instead of demographics- or interest-based lists cost about 75% less with 4x the results. Not too shabby.

So ask yourself…who do you have e-mail addresses for? Clients… Prospects… Membership lists from groups you belong to… E-mail opt-ins… You can segment your list in any way you want.

Have a list of clients or prospects who expressed interest in a product but never bought? Create an audience of just these people to remind them about the product with a special Facebook offer. The list segmentation is nearly endless.

Using Facebook Audiences, you upload your e-mail list to Facebook and they will match these e-mail addresses up to Facebook user accounts. Not everyone has a Facebook account, but based on our testing so far, somewhere between 35%-60% of your e-mail list should match up with Facebook.

To find out more about custom audiences and how to get started, simply Google “Facebook custom audiences” and you’ll find all of the “how to” that you need.