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The Feeder of the Future

Petnet is looking to upgrade pet care with their new automated SmartFeeder, targeted toward pet owners who frequently travel or those with packed, variable schedules.

After you install the SmartFeeder app on your phone, it’ll ask a few questions to get to know your animal, including their age, weight, activity level, and food type. This last feature is particularly interesting, as the feeder will recommend feeding amounts for dozens and dozens of common cat and dog foods, though users report it can be a little finicky.

After it gathers the information, you can set up regular, automatic feeding schedules for your furry friend. After that, it’s an almost entirely hands-free process, until you need to reload the feeder with your animal’s preferred food.

Its $150 price tag may be a little steep for most pet owners, but for the busiest and laziest of us, it could be the perfect addition to your already-automated home.

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