Employee Spotlight

Terry Boggs


Some people think bookkeeping is boring, but I see it as a necessary part of every business and a great opportunity to meet people, both co-workers, their families and customers.

Over my career I have had the opportunity to be a part of many different companies, from huge manufacturing plants, to local ministries. I enjoy learning new things and just because you are the numbers person or the “bean counter” it doesn’t mean you don’t have to understand what the company is making, selling, servicing, buying etc. So it is a great opportunity to learn.

At Nashville Computer I have learned more about computers than I ever dreamed necessary and just about the time I understand what the latest acronym stands for, the technology changes. So I have just scratched the surface. Hence, there will be more questions…

But, the biggest thing I have learned throughout my career is that no matter what the business, the most important part of any job is the relationships you build with people. As a bookkeeper, you are connected to almost everyone having to do with the business.

I’m connected to every employee, since we all enjoy getting our paychecks. There is a great culture here at Nashville Computer. The president of the company, Kerry Couch and Managing Partner, Charles Henson take time to build good relationships with the employees and that is a big plus to creating a happy work environment. Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel they are needed and valued.

I’m not as tightly connected to our vendors, but they do like to be paid as well. Keeping track of all those charges is a big part of my job. I think it is really admirable that Nashville Computer has a solid reputation for being a debt free company.

And finally, I enjoy getting to know our clients. I'm very impressed with how NCI responds to their needs, as well as how they look ahead to protect them from what lies in the darkness of cyberspace, a word I probably didn't use much before coming here with any real understanding.

At the end of the day it is all about relationships and I really enjoy the ones I am building at Nashville Computer!

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