Employee Spotlight
Keith Couch
Support Engineer

A team always needs a utility player and Keith Couch seems to be that guy for Nashville Computer. Although you will usually find him working the bench, fixing computers, Keith also works on the Help Desk or goes onsite to help our clients when he is needed there.

Keith’s favorite part of the job is happy customers. He makes sure that each customer receives 110% effort from Nashville Computer to resolve their computer issues, so they are totally satisfied with our service.

With technology advancing as quickly as it does, there is always a lot of training that the engineers keep up with. Keith enjoys the “on-the-job” training he gets by working and intermingling with the other engineers. He says, “When you train online, it all seems one way. But when you put “hands-on” you actually learn what needs to be done.” The team all share real situations, collaborating knowledge and learning from each engineer’s experiences.

When he’s not at work, Keith likes working out at the gym and spending time at his new country home, with his dog, “Sadie.”