A New Way To Deal With Things…

Your Time

3 Ways to End Holiday Overwhelm.
This holiday season, skip the stress with these timesaving tips:
1) Do your homework before hitting the stores. Catch coupons on sites like dealcatcher.com, couponcabin.com and retailmenot.com. Quality-check gift ideas at Consumerreports.org for expert reviews, or sites with user reviews such as Amazon.com or Cnet.com. Then, rather than drive all over town for the best deal, check out Pricegrabber.com.
2) Plan a trip — it’s a great way to share experiences rather than acquiring more things.
3) For those on your list who already have plenty of “stuff,” give a Good Card. The Good Card lets users give to their choice of over 1.2 million charities.

Summarized from Family Circle, “Holiday Time And Money Saving Tips.”

Your Health

Eat, drink and be healthy this holiday season.
Here’s how: keep the pounds down by knowing your number. Visit heart.org/explorer for a quick read on your recommended daily intake of calories. Think of it as your expense-account limit for holiday gatherings, and choose how much you want to spend on drinks, appetizer, entree, dessert, etc. You could even keep a food diary to help stay on track with your target weight goal. At parties, wear snug clothing and keep one hand busy. With a drink in your dominant hand, you’ll be less likely to grab goodies. And your snug-fitting outfit will keep you so busy pulling your tummy in, you won’t have time to feel hungry.

Aggregated from recent entries: Heart.org and WebMD.com

Your Computer’s Operating System

Windows 10, Hold off a little longer... As even Microsoft admits, Windows 8 was a flop… So why make the leap to Windows 10? To start with, the Windows 10 user interface just makes a lot more sense than the Windows 8 user interface. It brings back the Windows 7 start menu, and key functions are accessed from the taskbar. It features a more refined design — for instance, smaller window borders. And, at least until July 29, 2016, you can upgrade your Windows 7 or 8.1 OS for free.

However, we at Nashville Computer recommend holding off changing to Windows 10 until a few more updates have come out. Problems tend to come up with any new operating system and it is best to hold off getting that system until the problems are worked out. Watch this newsletter for future articles. We will let you know when we think it is a good time to move to Windows 10

Aggregated from Tech Radar , IB Times and Nashville Computer