David and his wife, Dia

David and his wife, Dia

Employee Spotlight

David Duer

Client Care Manager

If Nashville Computer has done work for your company, you have probably already met David Duer, our Client Care Manager.

David started working for Nashville Computer in 2010 as a Marketing Assistant working with Christy Neal, mailing campaigns and performing follow up calls.

Around a year later, he transitioned into his current role as Client Care Manager. In this role, his primary job is being the liaison between the NCI team and their clients. But the job entails much more than that. He oversees all projects making sure that all of the equipment has been ordered and the engineers scheduled, so the project is put together smoothly. He also becomes the point of contact, when there are questions from the customer or the NCI team member. David wants every client to have the best customer experience possible and works hard to make sure that all the pieces are in place to provide that great experience.

Outside of the office, he and his wife, Dia, love spending time with their friends and the occasional road trip. They are active in their church and volunteer with The Living Water Project that helps build water wells to provide for areas that lack clean water.

Being a great chef, David is passionate about the connection between people and food and believes that laughter at the table with family and friends is one of the best sounds in the world.