Employee Spotlight

Did you know David Duer, our Client Care Manager, moved to Nashville to become a chef? (This guy can cook!) After completing his Associates in Culinary Arts, David realized that while he loves to cook, his passion is making people happy. All of our Nashville Computer clients have likely heard David's cheerful voice on the phone.

As the wearer of many hats at Nashville Computer, David’s focus is making sure our engineers have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively. In turn, they can provide our clients with the best business solutions to alleviate their worries about IT. He prefers to work behind the scenes where he can facilitate success for everyone.

One of David’s favorite things about Nashville Computer is our monthly staff meeting, where we sit around a table and eat lunch together. He loves to listen to co-workers share stories both professional and personal and most of the time it ends in laughter. Laughter around a table is music to David’s ears.

David also really enjoys it when all the pieces of projects at work fall into place. While he admits it isn’t always perfect every time, he has seen the engineers work some "miracles" to give our clients a solid solution for their needs. A happy client is just as sweet music to his ears.

David and his wife, Dia, just celebrated their one-year anniversary of purchasing their first home and are about to celebrate five years of marriage. When not at work, they can be found having friends over for dinner and game night or most recently training (attempting to train) their 10-month old puppy, Penelope Patches Duer aka “Penny”.

David believes that table talk, the conversation that occurs around a meal, is some of the most sacred conversations to occur in any relationship, whether that be marriage, friendship or work.

David and Dia at their new home

Penelope Patches Duer aka “Penny”