Cyber Security Training For Your Employees

Cyber Crime is a major threat to small and large businesses alike. Cunning cyber criminals are able to get into your network in more ways than ever before, sometimes with dire consequences. Employees can play a big role in letting these criminals in or keeping them out. Clicking on a link that comes in an email or having a cell phone or laptop stolen can lead to stolen identities, major HIPAA violations and possibly the end of a business.

At Nashville Computer, we believe one major key to prevention is education. If you request, we will come to your place of business and conduct a training session for your employees. In it we will teach them how to see that an email is fraudulent, how to use strong passwords and many other tips to keep your business safe. Call 615-645-1511 to schedule your training session today. Don’t be the low hanging fruit that Cyber Criminals attack.

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