Charles Henson
Wins a Tesla!


On Friday, May 5, 2017 Charles Henson, Managing Partner of Nashville Computer, Inc. won the “Better Your Best” competition at a Robin Robins international conference held at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville.

Robin Robins leads an organization dedicated to helping IT Entrepreneurs from around the world share best practices to improve and grow their IT businesses. She holds quarterly conferences inviting experts and motivational speakers to teach and inspire her members. At one meeting each year she rewards one person with a new car for their efforts and achievements, as well as making them her spokesperson for the following year. Charles has been a member of this group for many years and was chosen this year as one of only five candidates to be eligible to compete for the car.

Within the organization, business owners on a weekly basis take part in smaller groups to talk about industry trends, best tools, customer service, marketing and many other aspects of business. They hold each other accountable for goals they are working on and give each other support. Being in the business for over 25 years, Charles has much to offer as a mentor for three of these groups and he willingly gives advice to anyone who asks for it. When he won the competition, cheers and applause rang out from all of those people he has helped in so many ways.

Part of the competition was giving a presentation in front of the 1200 people at the conference as well as numerous others watching on the virtual feed. Charles’ speech centered on “The Power of Focus.” Within every business person’s life, success depends on their ability to focus. Life will not be perfect all of the time allowing one to concentrate exclusively on their business. He sited an example in his own life, in which his beloved daughter was in a serious car accident. For a few months he mostly stayed by her side in the hospital, but business still had to continue. When he was at work, he was able to focus on the business. His daughter overcame her injuries, the business thrived and Charles was able to make it through all of the challenges using the “Power of Focus.”

There were many other aspects in the competition and all of them show what an outstanding leader we have as a Managing Partner of Nashville Computer. We are very proud of Charles and wish him our greatest congratulations! Enjoy your new car!


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