August Tech Savvy

(synopses of selected articles by leading magazines)

Here are 3 ways LinkedIn can generate new business for you.

1) Earn the ask. The more value you provide in the relationship, the more “right” you have to phone time, a free consultation or the opportunity to make your pitch. 2) Build a sales funnel. Organize your contacts and planned interactions for best results. Recognize and engage with inbound warm leads. And remember, timing is everything!    3) Target and engage your ideal prospects. LinkedIn’s search engine gives you direct access to over 450 million professionals in more than 200 countries. In minutes, you can build a hyper-targeted prospect list by job title, industry type and/or location. With just these few tactics, LinkedIn can become a powerful business-building ally. 6-7-16

Did you notice the day Windows became malware?

If malware is any piece of software that gets into your computer through stealth means – even if it’s a premier operating system – then Windows 10 fits the definition. Microsoft has been very aggressively asserting its self-imposed deadline of July 29 for free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8.1. And if it hasn’t been yet, you may find your computer hijacked and converted into a Windows 10 machine – whether you give permission or not. By default, Windows 10 collects advertising and personal data. It changes your computer’s configuration. And if you try to stop the upgrade by clicking the X on its dialog box, it installs it anyway. Aw, c’mon, tell us that’s not malware!, 06.07.16

Imagine owning the domain rights to – even for just 60 seconds…

When Babson College MBA student Sanmay Ved happened to notice the domain up for sale, he figured why not go ahead and try to buy it. To his huge surprise, the sale actually went through! He had just purchased for the princely sum of $12. It didn’t take Google long to become aware that something had gone horribly wrong – less than 60 seconds, in fact. They fired off an e-mail to Sanmay, telling him they’d cancelled his order and refunded his $12. As an afterthought, Google sent Sanmay a little spiff for his cooperation: $6,006.13, to be exact. If you squint, you might see that the number spells “Google.”, 01.16.16

Is the IoT a "Clear And Present Danger"?

According to a U.S. government report, the “Internet of Things” could deliver a disabling global attack. With smart cars, smart homes and new apps that reach into every nook and cranny of our personal lives, the IoT poses greater risks to our safety than ever before. And revealing more about your life than a novelist, it takes the invasion of privacy to new heights. True, it may help folks live longer, healthier lives. And it may boost food production. Or even improve job and lifestyle options for some. Yet the question isn't whether it’s good or not … it's how do we deal with it? One thing is for sure: good or bad, buckle up because here it comes!, 06.07.16