Recycling Equipment

Recycling Equipment


Thousands of clients have been served ranging from single person offices to Fortune 100 companies.

Ecyclers USA has partnered with thousands of corporations, non-profit organizations, and state and local government entities throughout the Southeast to reduce the volume of e-waste entering our local landfills. Our program offers transportation and recycling services for electronic refuse usually at no cost to the client. For local governments this service includes removal of electronic refuse that has already entered the solid waste stream at public landfills. As e-waste enters our recycling our facilities, it is weighed and recorded; weight data is certified upon request and can be aggregated by county for use by local governments when applying for diversion credits. We only partner with R-2 certified recyclers in transport and collection of e-waste.

Ecyclers USA also recycles radiographs. We offer the same dedication to radiographs as we do for e-waste; pick-up, transportation, recycling, certificates of destruction, and tracking.

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Scheduling, Collection and Transportation Services

Shipments will be scheduled for collection by the Ecyclers USA Client Services Department. The customer will be contacted regularly to schedule collections and the customer may call the Client Services Department at anytime to schedule a collection. Collection and transportation of electronic items or radiographs will be performed by Ecyclers USA employees at the customer’s solid waste facilities, recycling centers and business locations.

Receiving Service

Items will be received and weighed and poundage recorded by the technician at the Ecyclers USA facilities.

Recycling Service

Items will be processed by the recycling technicians and crews at the corporate recycling center in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Documenting Service

The appropriate data will be documented for counties to receive state diversionary credits. Other custom reports are available upon request to the Client Service Manager.

Quality Control and Customer Service

Quality Control will be performed by Ecyclers USA team members. Quality inspections will be performed on a regular basis and the customer may be asked to participate in a quality survey from time to time. Quality issues may be directed to the Client Service Manager. The Client Service Team will be available during normal business hours by calling the Ecyclers USA Client Services office in Knoxville, TN.

Radiograph Recycling

Radiograph recycling can be arranged through Ecyclers USA by calling 865- 540-8802. All radiographs are given control numbers for tracking purposes as well as certificates of destruction.