Drop These 4 Habits For A Successful 2018

Drop These 4 Habits For A Successful 2018

Today, the business world is more rapid, complex, and volatile than ever before in history, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, it’s vital that entrepreneurs tighten up their business practices now, not later.

Here are four bad habits to kick in order to shed your company’s sluggishness and step fully into the modern marketplace:

  1. Procrastinating training investment: Investing in comprehensive training resources, which expands the skills of both you and your employees, can ensure you stay competitive in the midst of constant change.
  2. Amassing knowledge without applying it: With millions of well-meaning advice articles plastered across the Internet, it’s easier than ever to learn new principles. But you can’t stop there. Actively implement the knowledge you gain, instead of keeping it locked away in your mind.
  3. Expecting ideas to come from the top down: Today’s savvy business owner doesn’t solely channel those at the top of the organization chart. Instead, they welcome ideas from all levels of the company.
  4. Busywork: Too many leaders get caught up in output metrics instead of outcomes. Get the numbers out of the way and watch your employees shine. Inc.com 11/16/2017

How To Spot A Phishing E-mail BEFORE It Can Do Any Damage Phishing e-mails are bogus messages carefully designed to look like a legitimate message (or attached file) from a site or person you trust. Their goal is getting you to willingly give up your login info or unknowingly click a link to install a virus. The best of these e-mails look uncannily similar to their real-world counterparts, but there are ways to discern a phishing attempt from a legitimate e-mail.

First, hover over — but don’t click on — the URL in the e-mail to see the actual website you’ll be directed to. If there’s a mismatched or suspicious URL, delete the e-mail immediately. Other telltale signs are poor grammar or spelling errors. And if the e-mail asks you to verify or validate your login or personal information, get out of there.