Brian Justice

...Now I just feel like they're one of our staff.

We've been with Nashville Computer since the '90s and felt very comfortable with them since day 1. At the time, our church was growing too fast for our volunteer team to keep up with our IT. We knew we needed outside help. Now I just feel like they're one of our staff.

I love their Managed Services because I would much rather spend more time on preventive maintenance and try to stay away from breakdowns and downtime. With the way they monitor our systems from their office, they know if there is as problem before we do. They will call us and say, "Hey, we're seeing your server having some issues. We need to jump on it real quick and make sure what's going on." I never have to worry about it myself.

Their response time is great and their care has just been impeccable. So I can't say enough good about Nashville Computer. They've been great.

Business Administrator
Harpeth Heights Baptist Church