Wouldn't You Love To Have Consistently Updated Equipment Without Spending A Bundle Of Cash?

Save that big outlay of cash. Nashville Computer’s new “Budget Friendly HaaS” program will provide the equipment for you and all of the headaches go away.“Budget Friendly HaaS” (Hardware as a Service) is Nashville Computer’s newest managed services program. With Budget Friendly HaaS, Nashville Computer will provide your new IT equipment and our expert IT Engineers will install it for you. NC will provide your MS software, as well as installing other needed software and maintaining the licenses, updates and patches. We will take care of all of the backups, monitoring and maintenance. Your equipment will be replaced on an ongoing basis so it will never be out of date. You will have full-time Help Desk support and on-site support when needed. All of this will be charged on one fixed rate that you will be able to write off as a monthly operating expense. Now you can keep your cash in the bank and let us take care of your IT headaches.

Who Wouldn’t Do This??!!!

This is like a dream come true. Finally, you can keep a monthly budget for your IT Infrastructure with no surprises and even save on taxes. Finally, you will have the support you need with no added expense. Your whole computer system will just work. One price. No more worries. Finally, you will be free to concentrate on what you do best…running your own business.

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