Never Forget A Password Again With A Password Manager


We all have a number of passwords for all the online services we use. You name it: banking, online bill payment, e-mail, social networks, shopping and more. You know it’s incredibly easy to lose track of them all—unless you are committing one of the greatest online security offenses by using one password for everything. One of the best—and most secure—ways to handle your passwords is with a password manager.

It’s not uncommon for password managers to get overlooked when it comes to online security. There is a lingering—and false—concern that keeping all of your passwords in one place can potentially open up all your protected accounts to intruders—if they are able to break into the password manager. It’s a legitimate concern, but password managers use powerful encryption to keep your passwords safe. They are specifically designed to keep you even more secure than you otherwise would be.

Many password managers—including LastPass, KeePass and 1Password—do much more than simply “remember” your passwords. They also offer password-creation assistance. They will tell you if a password is too weak or just right. Some managers offer the option to generate a secure password for you. Since you don’t need to remember it, it can be more complex. They are compatible with a number of platforms and they are packed with customizable tools to keep you safe.