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Mevo Puts You In The
Director’s Chair

A single static video camera can make for some pretty boring storytelling…but who’s got multiple cameras, a crew to run them and a team of editors?

Well, now your videos can look like you have an entire crew behind the scenes, with Mevo. Mevo is a new type of video camera and app that lets you shoot and edit multiple video shots on the fly, all while recording and/or livestreaming.

Let’s say you’re shooting a band concert. You get to mix in shots of the guitarist, the drummer and bass player together, and a wide-angle view of the whole band. Plus Mevo follows their faces as they move around so you don’t have to. You just sit back, and cut and zoom on the fly.

On the downside, Mevo’s battery lasts only an hour, and image quality is limited to mobile viewing. Still, with all the cool possibilities you get with Mevo, you may start getting ideas about becoming the next Spielberg.

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