Are You Paying Too Much
For Your
Communications Bills?


Wesley Yates Telecommunications Consultant

Businesses often pay way too much on their communications bills, simply because business people don't understand how to read the confusing invoices they are sent or they take for granted they are being billed correctly. By having your bills analyzed, you could potentially be able to stop  paying for services or equipment you don't have or use. Several of our customers have saved thousands of dollars by having this analysis done, a savings that can last for many years to come.  Are you ready to see what can be done for your business? Here's how it works: Have me analyze your telephone and Internet bills.
  • If there are no errors on the bills, you owe nothing for the analysis and will have "peace of mind" knowing an expert looked at them.
  • If there are errors on your bills, I'll help you do what it takes to get the savings your company deserves. You'll pay Nashville Computer a small percentage of the savings and the rest is yours to keep for years to come.
Either way the analysis will show if you are paying too much for communications and if there are other options available that may help your company be more efficient, such as adding bandwidth with newly affordable fiber optics or installing a VoIP phone system. If you are interested, please call me at 615-206-4146 to start your FREE analysis today.

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