Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight


Neil Brown

Help Desk Engineer

Neil was born in England, but grew up in New Zealand (which he refers to as the “real deep South”). His IT career started nearly 30 years ago soon after he got his first Tandy PC (remember those?). With limited knowledge, but possessing interest and talent, he soon landed a job maintaining a Tandy PC for a local company. Since those days he has become a very knowledgeable computer expert and a great addition to the Nashville Computer family. Neil’s favorite part of his job is solving problems that seem to be unsolvable, and his favorite aspect of the company is the team… and birthday cake!

Before his work in the IT world, Neil worked in photographic retail. He still very much enjoys photography, and has been shooting high school sports for local press for nearly 20 years. At home he has two dogs that tend to keep him pretty busy, but when he does find time he enjoys cycling and audio electronics. He has four children and three (almost four) grandchildren! We are quite lucky to have Neil on our team, and we hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about him.